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Having Access to
Artisans in Shikoku, Japan,
Through Us
Outshines You Even More.

Redefining Luxury to Preserve Heritage Craftsmanship for Hints to a Sustainable Future

Are these keywords for you? If “Yes,” we have something for you. ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Curated Items

Pick something that resonates with your unique spirits from the list of our curated items.

Customizing Curated Items

Take full advantage of a made-to-order system. Customize bits and pieces of our curated items to match your taste.

Craft Kits

Get our craft kits for yourself or friends and family to experience making heritage crafts from Shikoku, Japan. How about hosting a craft day for kids and grown-ups at your home?

Paid Workshops & Seminars

Although we post much information for free on our social media, we appreciate your participation in our paid workshops and seminars. It funds our activities.


Curated Items

Select items from our product list for you to sell or use for your profession.

Customizing Curated Items

Take full advantage of a made-to-order system. Customize bits and pieces of our curated items to match your needs or clients’ needs. For you to prove customizing service to your customers is an idea.

Creating Brand New Items

Maximize the benefits of a connection with us. You can create brand new items with our collaborating heritage crafts artisans, whether as a whole item or part of your project.

Creating Brand New Items

Producing brand new items is about more than just the complete items. Its process is filled with chances to learn. If you are an educator in product design, culture, or crafting, we can work together to turn the production process into an educational curriculum.

Workshops & Craft Kits

Our craft kits provide unique opportunities to experience the crafting process and “touch & observe” the actual pieces made by artisans. For educational institutes, we can work together to put together a teacher’s guide with our kits so you can run the workshop with cultural trivia to explain the heritage craft. Our founder is happy to join your workshop and talk about it online or on-site. It’s also fun to make it into a game at your grown-ups’ party.

Workshops & Seminars

If you are having trouble coming up with fun, intellectual, sophisticated activities or sideshows and run out of ideas, remember us. We can work together to organize workshops and seminars about the heritage crafts of Kagawa (Shikoku, Japan) and how heritage crafts all over the world can be a hint to our sustainable future.

Exhibition & Artisan Demonstration

If you have a space and time to fill with something different, cultural, intellectual, and sophisticated but run out of ideas, consider us. We can work together to put on exhibitions and/or artisan demonstrations at the site about integrating heritage craftsmanship into modern lifestyles or heritage crafts of Kagawa (Shikoku, Japan).

Visiting Artisans & Artists

“Seeing is believing.” Our founder takes you to visit our collaborating artisans or artists so you can experience Japanese heritage craftsmanship or a local nature-inspired art form as deep as it gets.

In today’s digital age, we sometimes miss the ease of in-person conversations. I’m a big fan of technology, especially the internet, but often, I get frustrated by being unable to find the answers to questions. The types of questions could be answered on the spot if we were in the same room.

Have you ever felt the same way? It’s not a great feeling, and I want to ensure you never experience it with us.

Even though we’re based in Japan, time zones won’t be an issue. I’m available during your waking hours. Check my schedule below and take this opportunity to get all your questions about our products and services answered.

I’m really looking forward to chatting with you.


Satoko Kamada
Founder of KoLe SHIKOKU Japan

The Days & Hours


8:00 PM~07:00 AM(next day)

New York

3:00 PM~2:00 AM(next day)

Los Angeles

noon~11:00 PM

If the provided schedule doesn’t suit your availability, please let us know via our contact form.
For those who prefer spontaneous drop-ins on Fridays-Sundays,
check for the “MiseNoMa – Virtual Store Counter” availability.

You can find the available openings in the ‘Date & Time’ section in the Booking Form below.
Choose the length and proceed with booking.